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We want to help you craft your message, tell your story, define your brand, reach your target audience, drive downloads, build engagement, sell products, and raise money.

Miami’s premier tech PR firm

We’re not just tech experts. We’re storytelling and communication experts. Our team has successfully told stories across a wide range of industries from consumer, health and safety, and technology to sports, travel, public affairs, retail and fashion, and food & beverage. We know how to tell a story. 


We are a group of creatives, communicators , tech enthusiasts, strategists, writers, trend watchers, and consumers who come together to develop and execute meaningful campaigns that reach real audiences. Our media relationships, which span various verticals including tech, business, lifestyle, travel, health & wellness, gaming, public safety & government, regional and national news, US Hispanic and more, and our effective, individually-curated communications strategies deliver impactful and impressive results. 

Founded and based in Miami, we have a pulse on one of the fastest growing tech hubs in the world, but our reach doesn’t end there. With a fully remote team, we have a global reach with a presence in many tech and media-centric cities such as New York City, Los Angeles, Lisbon, and Vienna, and with experience across Europe, the UK, Canada, Latin America, and Asia.


Meet Our Founder


Ted Miller is a technology PR expert with nearly two decades of experience creating and executing award-winning communications campaigns. Ted helms a talented team of PR and content creation specialists to deliver results for the firm’s clients, and uses his deep breadth of connections and tech industry knowledge to ensure clients’ products and services earn proper recognition from key industry players. 


Before founding TMG, Ted designed and managed PR campaigns at some of the world’s top brands in the tech and travel space, including Apple, Royal Caribbean and Opera Software.


Ted also has deep expertise working with industry analysts in the US and across Europe, and media experience in the UK, Europe, Latin America, Japan, and China. 


He was also a co-founder of Miami-founded technology PR firm Max Borges Agency. Ted earned his masters degree from the University of Miami, and his bachelor’s degree from Sacred Heart University.

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